Fall registration starts Sept 2021!

Would you like to join MNVL next season?

Register now for our free two-day seminar for program coordinators: How to Start an Esports Program + Joining the Minnesota Varsity League

Register here:  https://forms.gle/TSeceR7hbjgekMZa9

(Note: You must be a school employee in Minnesota to attend)

Dates: (6:00pm-8:30pm Central Time)

  • August 23 + 24

  • September 13 + 14



Each seminar is split into two days:

Day 1 will cover all things you need to know in order to start an esports program at your school. We will go over everything from starting out to managing your program once it is up and running. We also discuss your options for competitions (including non-MNVL leagues) and teach you how to use the Discord platform. This day is optional and is not necessary to attend should you already have an esports program up and running at your school.

Day 2 will be a step by step walkthrough of how to join the Minnesota Varsity League, and how to operate within the league once joined. This day is mandatory for any program that would like to compete in MNVL.

After you fill this form out, an email will be sent to you a week before the date, and a calendar invite will be sent to the school issued email you provide.