Frequently asked questions

How to join the Minnesota Varsity League

To join one of our free seminars visit our registration page,

How to find your next match

There are two ways you can find out when your next match is, and who your opponent will be. One is through Leaguespot and the other through discord.

How to reschedule your match

Rescheduling your match using the LeagueSpot Bot:

Once you know when your next match occurs, you may want to reschedule it. First, contact your opponent and make sure they are okay with rescheduling the game, then agree upon a date and time.

How to contact your opponents each week

How to contact your opponents each week When you compete in the Minnesota Varsity League, each week you will have a match. As is the case with all esports leagues, it is up to you to connect with your opponent and play your match according to the league rules. The good news is this is very easy to do using our MNVL Discord Server.

How to check in and report your scores

How to check in and report your scores: In order to play your match and report your scores, you must first check your team in. Keep in mind, you can only check in to a match up to 15 minutes before the scheduled match time.


How to get ready on match days, and how to reschedule matches

Please refer to our MNVL Match Day Procedures document.

How to set up your MNVL LeagueSpot School Page, add members, and create rosters

Please refer to our MNVL School Setup document.

I am already signed up in LeagueSpot but can't find how to get back to my school page

Log in using this link: